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In*genie*fy Your Amazon Experience Now * Come on Alexa!!!

We were so surprised that we started iheartamazon.rocks and now we’ll show you and others how to ingeniefy your Amazon Experience in 2019 with our launch event and partners like JetSetGo Rewards and S’mores, 2 of our easy as pie favorite ways to bank on our Amazon purchases!!

IMAGINE just for ONE second, YOUR newfound ability to earn free Amazon gift codes and cards with ease and at your convenience with little or no out of pocket expense to you, save right from the start before your purchase even begins, and then earn cash back after your purchase in multiple ways that you can turn around and turn into either cash, or more AMAZON credits, the gifts that keep on giving and never run out!! And we will even share our favorite editor picks at Amazon as they come in!!

We are setting up our Amazon community to launch soon, and our adjoining site for business and fun, and support for those of you who do join us now and jump on board today and be there when your success starts to shine in your glory and story!!

Sign up for this launch premiere below to get started with our community and get access to our class when it launches soon. This class might stay free or we might induct a small fee, we’re not entirely sure yet, but either way everyone can gain from it. Have fun and see you soon!!!

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